Dr. Adi Mor, CEO and CSO

ChemomAb is managed by Dr. Mor, who co-founded the company in 2011. Dr. Mor has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of immunology, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and a wide experience in designing, promoting and patenting a novel class of monoclonal antibodies to treat inflammatory and cancer diseases. Dr. Mor completed her Ph.D. in Immunology from the Tel Aviv University in the Department of Neurobiochemistry and is a lead author of multiple publications in scientific journals in the fields of immunology and inflammatory disorders.

Dr. Arnon Aharon, CMO

Dr. Aharon joined ChemomAb in 2016 as head of clinical development. Prior to joining ChemomAb, Dr. Aharon served as Chief Medical Officer at BioLineRx Ltd. (NASDAQ/TASE: BLRX). In BioLineRx he was responsible for the development of the company’s pipeline focused on oncology and immunology. Dr. Aharon is a founder and partner in R&D Integrative Solutions, a firm that provides consulting services to the biotechnology industry and academic centers. Prior to the establishment of R&D Integrative Solutions Dr. Aharon served in several management positions including Clinical Director, Medical Director, VP of Development at several biotechnology companies, such as Pharmos Ltd. (NASDAQ/TASE: PARX); Thrombotech Ltd.; and LycoRed Ltd. Dr. Aharon holds an M.D degree from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel and has experience in internal medicine.

Mr. Sharon Elkobi, VP Business Development

Mr. Elkobi joined ChemomAb in 2019 as Head of business development with over 10 years’ experience in healthcare business development, sales and marketing. Prior to joining ChemomAb, Sharon served as VP of business development at Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd., where he was responsible for the business development strategy including the finalization of multiple out- license and co-development deals in various markets. Prior to Neurim, Sharon held senior business development positions at Medison Pharma Ltd., and at Teva Pharmaceuticals. Sharon holds MSc in biochemistry and biotechnology and MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Michal Segal-Salto, VP Research and Development

Dr. Michal Segal-Salto joined ChemomAb in 2015 and is leading the research and development activities in the company. Dr. Segal-Salto completed her Ph.D. studies in the Weizmann Institute for Science in Rehovot and has accumulative experience of over 15 years in cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. Michal is heading the R&D team from early preclinical stages through clinical translation.

Dr. Sharon Hashmueli, CMC and Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Sharon Hashmueli joined ChemomAb in 2016 as head of CMC and regulatory affairs with over 15 years of experience in drug development. Prior to joining ChemomAb, Dr. Hashmueli worked at cCAM Biotherapeutics (acquired by Merck) developing a novel immune checkpoint inhibitor for cancer, and beforehand at Protalix Biotherapeutics, where she played a significant role in the development of Elelyso, an FDA approved treatment for Gauche disease (marketed by Pfizer). Dr. Hashmueli holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology and Food Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.